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    Configured for SPACE SIMULATION

    Seamlessly integrates into the display

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    Customized for CAR RACING

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    Customized for FOV MECH SIMULATION

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What is SimPit Desk:

The SimPit Desk is addon for the Icarus 180 Avenger and SimPit 270 Centurion.

The SimPit Desk has great ergonomics inspired by fighter plane cockpits. Everything at the right place, easy to reach and operate. The desk can be easily reconfigured for flight simulation, driving, first person shooters, strategy and even work such as video and photo. No need to compromise between full immersion and full comfort.

The desk also has large storage space for controls and accessories and quick connect system for variety of desk accessories. The design allows integration of variety of gaming chairs, office chairs, controllers and displays.


SimPitDesk from Black Laminated Construction Board with Center Stick Mount, Side Stick Mount, Steering Wheel Mount, 2x Pad Holders, Desktop Exension.

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SimPit Desk Kit

What's included in the basic kit

SimPitDeskAssy View 29

Steering Wheel Extension

SimPitDeskAssy View 32

Desk Extension with Pad Holders and Side Stick Mount

SimPitDeskAssy View 30

Pad Holders with Center Stick Mount

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