7,5cm Extension

10cm Extension


12.5cm extension


15cm extension


What is TMW Extension:

The TMW Extension is and addon for Thrustmaster Warthog and Cougar joysticks to make the throw more realistics and to provide better control. of the aircraft.

The extension is manufactured since 2011 and it's made from aliminium tubing and 3D printed parts. 

The design has few features that are designed to protect your joystick. The connectors have a free female connector that allows the connector to rotate independently from the shaft - this is a critical feature that prevents the shaft over rotating and breaking away hall sensors inside. A second, very important feature is the bottom neck has breaking strength just a touch lower than the joystick neck. In situations where extreme force is applied there is a very good chance that the extension will break rather than the expensive joystick.

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