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    Nearly the real battlefield experience

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    As close to real flight experience as possible

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    All luxury cars on demand

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Basic Kit

SimPit 270 Centurion


What is SimPit 270 Centurion:

For dedicated setups the SimPit 270 Centurion provides the best fidelity and situational awareness, awesome immersion, unrestricted field of view and absolutely zero lag when you look around. 

The front projection display converts three ordinary short throw projectors into extraordinary experience second to none. 

The SimPit Black Screen boosts colors, contrast, blacks and detail and it's designed to work in day light conditions that would be previously absolutely unthinkable for front projected system.

The ultimate gaming display - 180" of pure awesome in 3K to 18K.

What's included in the basic kit


SimPit Black Projection Surface


Lasercut Frame with Adjustable Screen Height 


Projector Mounts and Holders

The Screen

The 180 inch Screen is the main and most valuable component of the system. It's made from 0.8mm thick polycarbonate - the same material that is commonly used for fighter plane cockpits and racing car windows.

The screen combines superior impact resistance, flexibility, structural strength and it's virtually unbreakable, while its weigh is less than half of the weight of glass. The surface is perfectly even with no wrinkles and it requires absolutely no tension when mounted

Because projectors cannot project black the screen has a special surface layer that filters out ambient light while reflecting the image created by projectors making images very crisp and popping out of the screen.

Frame Materials

All parts from construction board are CNC laser cut for the best precision and best weight vs strength efficiency.

Plain Construction Board
This frame is best for budget conscious projects and perfect for home gaming. The plain construction board frame is CNC laser cut from furniture grade construction board, it has hard surface finish but the surface is not sealed and and can be painted.

Black Frame
The Black frame is CNC laser cut from furniture grade construction board and the surface is laminated from both sides with mate black veneer with excellent scratch resistance
It offers nice finished look that compliments most gaming setups and better durability.

Aluminium Frame
The Aluminium frame is built for tough commercial environments such as trade-shows, airshows and training facilities. The frame is from black powder-coated aluminium profiles with black laminated construction board connectors.

What else is required

SimPit 270 Centurion requires 3x short throw 1080p projectors for the full 270º field of view but it can be also used with only 2 projectors for 180º field of view. (projectors are not part of the package). the Recommended projectors are Acer Z650 Predator, Acer H6517ST, BenQ 1080ST, BenQ 1085ST+, Optoma GT1080, Vivitek DH559ST or projectors with similar specifications.

Warping and Blending Software(i.e. SimPitWarp)
Warping and blending software is needed to map the projected images to the screen and blend the 3 pictures to one seamless high resolution image. SimPit Warp is highly recommended as we can providing precalibrated profiles and image enhancing patterns for the Centurion

Self Leveling Cross Laser
Very inexpensive tool available from hardware stores or ebay/amazon that makes life easier when calibrating the image.

Software requirements

At the moment only the state of the art simulation software supports full 270º view. The software has to support simultaneous rendering of 3 views. The compatible software is:
Flight simulation
DCS World, Flaming Cliffs 2, LM Prepar3d, Flight Simulator X, Xplane 10, A10C Warthog, Driving Simulation
Assetto Corsa, rFactor2

Please check the software compatibility before purchase

Minimum Requirements

  • PC running at least Windows 7
  • Graphic Card with Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround
  • Warping and Blending app capable mapping at least two projectors
  • Three 1080p short throw projectors

Max resolution with 1080p projectors is GPU based :

  • NVIDIA max resolution is 5760x1080
  • ATI max resolution is 9600 x 1800 for best quality vs performance use 6144 x 1536

3D and Headtracking for MR are supported with:

  • TriDef 3D and NVIDIA 3D surround
  • Track IR,  FreeTrack, Opentrack, Facetrack NOIR and others

Dimensions centurion dimensions


We want you to have the best experience possible.
If by yourself, with your friends or with your family